Wednesday, September 07, 2011

"WARM UP" 2 days before opening

Today was a day of meetings with the structure and staff that is collaborating with Emergency Room here at the European Culture Congress in Wroclaw.

First Colonel and I met with the documentation team that is commissioned by our polish producers, Art Transparency, to do a 30 minute documentary on this activation of E.R. We discussed the options for the crew to to contribute and stimulate the E.R. process while documenting.

Next meeting was with 2 private detectives that will be collaborating as a source of information during this E.R. Its important to increase the pertinence and the precision of the artworks. They outlined what was possible for them to work with within polish laws, and we discussed possible angles and tasks they could investigate. Now its up to the artists to activate these professional fact finders.

The construction of Emergency Room is on.

As a final part of this post, here's a word definition from the Emergency Room Dictionary to help us prepare for the hectic days ahead:

WARM UP [fr. chauffer] 

The artist needs to warm up. 
If, for instance, the artist needs to follow a political issue, 
he needs a little bit of background knowledge. 
The artist needs to have a disposition to make a work fast. 
And the will to work with speed. 
The tools of the artist’s should be in proximity. 
If the artist have to use a fax, 
he should know where to get one. 
If the artist have to use a bulldozer, 
he should know where to get one. 
The artist have to prepare for fast action. 
But not only materially. 
The awareness muscle of the artist should also be tense 
and well-trained. 
This is the mental warm up. 
The concept of Emergency Room is still warming up. 
The format of Emergency Room itself is in a warm up process. 
It takes time before the pool of artist involved in Emergency Room 
are ready to become precise dysfunction spotters. 
The Emergency Room format is still accelerating. 
It does not yet have the full speed or full maturity. 
The emergency room is not yet ready. 
It’s discourse is not pertinent enough yet. 
The art works are still too abstract, the comments yet not challenging enough. 
A mutation has to be done. 
But to sharpen artists and change the artistic attitude will take years. 
We are still warming up. 

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